The 2017 Annual Meeting of the Ohio Classical Conference

On Saturday, October 7 at the Columbus Academy (located in the Greater Columbus Area) the Ohio Classical Conference Annual Meeting will be held in conjunction with the Ohio Junior Classical League Fall Forum.  CEUs available.  Speakers/presentations for this year’s meeting include:


Lynne Lancaster, Ohio University:  “Why the Pantheon Doesn’t Fall Down:  An Exercise in Stress Management and Weight Control”

 William Owens, Ohio University: “Briseïs and Andromache Enslaved:  Slave Anger in Homer and Virgil”

 Del Chrol, Marshall University:  “Are You Smarter Than a 5th Century Athenian? The Athenians Besieged! Micro-Game and a Discussion of Immersive Historical Simulations in the Classroom”

 Timothy Wutrich, Case Western Reserve: “A Comparative Look at the Greek and Roman Theater”

 Garrett Jacobsen, Denison College:  “Gazing at Ovid”

 Travis Horseman, Graphic novelist:  “The Amiculus Trilogy:  A Graphic Novel Series on the Fall of the Roman Empire”

 Sherwin Little, ACL, and Todd Wegenhart, Wyoming HS – Pedagogy Panel

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