Conference Overview

PLEASE NOTE: The 2019 Meeting of the OCC was held on October 12, 2019. See Below for an overview of the events offerings.  Check back in the future to find out about the next meeting of the OCC to be held in October of 2020.
On Saturday, October 12, 2019 at the  Columbus Academy (located in the Greater Columbus Area) the Ohio Classical Conference Annual Meeting was held in conjunction with the Ohio Junior Classical League Fall Forum. 

Scheduled Speakers

Mr. Jack Emmert, Daybreak Games, ‘Translating Classics Into the Business World.”

The study of the ancient world provides students invaluable skills that they will utilize for years. Mr. Emmert will walk through his own experiences as an entrepreneur, executive and employee in the video game industry.

Denise McCoskey, Miami University, “A World of Difference: Unpacking the Greek and Roman Concept of Race.”

In this talk, Professor McCoskey will discuss the ideas and practices that defined race in the ancient world. Most notably, the Greeks and Romans did not attribute racial difference to skin color, but rather saw human variation as determined by geography and the environment. At the end of the talk, Professor McCoskey will discuss some of the ways ideas about race in classical antiquity are entering modern political debate, including the disturbing appropriation of Greece and Rome by today’s white supremacists.

Carolin Hahnemann, Kenyon College, “The Far Side of the Triumphal Arch: On the Evolution of War Memorials”

War memorials in the west tend to look back to ancient models, especially from democratic Athens and imperial Rome. In this talk, I will present a selection of monuments to show the continued influence and adaptation of classical traditions up to our own time, while also providing examples of the hilarious misunderstandings that can ensue when the ancient models appealed to in a monument are no longer widely known to the receiving public.

Timothy Wutrich, Case Western Reserve University, “Roman Drama Workshop: Reading Plautus’s Curculio.”

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