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OCC Annual Meeting: October 13th-14th

The Ohio Classical Conference Planning Committee has worked diligently to put together an excellent program for this year’s meeting. Highlights include:(Note: The first emailed version of this post did not send properly. This post should now have all information visible).

  • The OCC Keynote Speaker Julie Berry, author of the best-selling Lovely War.
  • The Vergilian Luncheon Speaker Jay Reed, author of Virgil’s Gaze: Nation and Poetry in the Aeneid.
  • A special panel on Homer featuring Richard Janko, Lillian Doherty, and Katherine Kretler.
  • An undergraduate student panel.
  • A staged reading of Euripides’ Cyclops.

*A flyer with more information can be viewed here.
*Official registration links will be posted and sent out soon. Be sure you are following the OCC Webpage.