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Call for Actors – Plautus’ Trinummus (aka Minimum Wage)

Theater in Greece and Rome (TIGR) is seeking actors and crew to participate in this year’s TIGR performance at CAMWS 2023 in Provo, UT, March 29-April 1. This year we will be doing a table reading of Plautus’ Trinummus (aka Minimum Wage) and exploring whether this is a snoozy moralizing play, as Trinummus’ detractors claim, or a daring play on morals meant to call out the hypocrisy of the Roman elite. This play features your favorite comic stock characters playing against type, including scheming old men, sententious youngsters, and a hilariously inept conman. And there’s buried treasure! Don’t miss a chance to participate in the fun. To volunteer, email Seth Jeppesen at