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Donation to William Sanders Scarborough Fellowship

The O.C.C. is pleased to announce that it will make a $500 donation to the Williams Sanders Scarborough Fellowship Fund for study at the American School of Classical Studies at Athens. For those who may not know, Professor Scarborough has many connections to the state of Ohio:  he was a graduate of Oberlin College and president of Wilberforce University.  Professor Scarborough has been called one of the three most prominent African-American scholars of the 19th century, alongside Frederick Douglas and Booker T. Washington.  To find out more about Professor Scarborough, please see this interview with Michelle Valerie Ronnick, who discovered and published his autobiography:

Interview With Michelle Valerie Ronnick, Celebrating the Scholarship of W.S. Scarborough and the Contributions of African American Classicists

Please share information regarding the fellowship with your colleagues and students and consider making a donation.