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Click here for the Current Issue (Winter Vol 1 – Issue 2) of Humanitas.  See more information about submissions below.

After a rather long hiatus, the OCC will be relaunching Humanitas in a new electronic format.  We hope that the new version of Humanitas will include many of the old features (such as a message from the president, updates on the OCC meeting, and reminders about scholarships/awards), but also offer some new features beneficial to our members.  Some of these sections will include:

  • Program Profiles: Profiles of College and High School Programs from around the state;
  • Quid Novi, Ohio?: Messages from members from around the state of relevance to Ohio teachers of the Classics;
  • Online Resource Corner: A venue for teachers to submit online resources which they use in their classroom.

In order to make Humanitas a success, please consider a submission for inclusion in Humanitas by using the links below (provide a brief email and attach any relevant documents):

Deadlines for submission for each issue will be December 1st, April 1st, and August 1st.  Please direct any questions related to Humanitas here.

Current Issues