OCC Constitution

Article I. Name and Purpose

Sec. 1. This organization shall be known as the Ohio Classical Conference. Its purpose shall be the advertisement of classical language learning and the encouragement of classical studies in the state of Ohio at all educational levels, and the promotion of the common professional interests of its members. To accomplish its purpose, the Ohio Classical Conference shall hold an annual meeting, publish a newsletter called Humanitas, maintain an up-to-date list of teachers of Classics in the state and sponsor other appropriate activities.

Sec. 2. Since the Ohio Classical Conference has been organized and is operated exclusively for educational purposes, no part of its net earnings shall ever inure to the benefit of any member or officer. In the event of its termination or dissolution, any assets remaining after the payment of any and all debts shall be assigned to the American Classical League as part of that association’s assets for educational purposes.

Article II. Affiliation

Sec. 1. The Ohio Classical Conference, as the statewide representative of Ohio teachers of classical languages, is affiliated with the Ohio Foreign Language Association (OFLA) according to the terms of the OFLA constitution.

Sec. 2. The Ohio Classical Conference has the right of representation on the council of the American Classical League (ACL).

Article III. Membership

Sec. 1. Any person interested in Classical studies shall be a member of the Ohio Classical Conference upon payment of the annual dues. The annual dues should be paid prior to the annual meeting.

Article IV. Government

Sec. 1. Officers. The officers shall be a President, a First Vice-President, a Second Vice-President, a Secretary, a Treasurer and an Editor of Humanitas.

Sec. 2. Council. The Council of the Ohio Classical Conference shall consist of the elected officers, and eighteen members appointed by the President.

Article V. Executive Officers

Sec. 1. President. The President shall be the chief executive of the conference and shall exercise the responsibilities usually associated with this office. The President shall be responsible for the organizing and preparing the program for the annual meeting.

Sec. 2. Vice-Presidents: (a) The First Vice-President shall act for the President in the latter’s absence. The First Vice-President shall be the Chair of the Latin Week Committee and shall organize the celebration of Foreign Language Week (or Latin Week) for the Conference. (b) The Second-Vice President shall act for the First Vice-President and the President in their absences. The Second-Vice President shall be a member of the Latin Week Committee; additionally the Second Vice-President shall work with the President in organizing a Classics program for the OFLA meeting. Each Vice-President shall be responsible for that part of the annual meeting assigned to him/her by the President.

Sec. 3. Secretary. The Secretary shall be charged with establishing and maintaining an up-to-date list of teachers of classical languages in the state of Ohio and a list of current members; with informing Council members of impending business for their meeting; with the mailing of newsletters and programs; and with keeping the minutes of the Council and of Conference business meetings.

Sec. 4. Treasurer. The treasurer shall be responsible for receiving and recording membership dues and for the supervision of the finances of the Conference. The Treasurer may dispose of capital funds of the Conference only with written authorization from the President.

Sec. 5. Editor of Humanitas. The Editor Humanitas shall be responsible for the editing and publishing of Humanitas.

Sec. 6. Editor of Web site. The Editor will develop and maintain the Ohio Classical Conference Web site.

Article VI. The Council

The council shall consider matters to be brought before the Conference at its annual business meeting and make recommendations in the interval between meetings to promote the interests of the Conference.

Article VII. Meetings

There shall be an annual meeting of the Conference to promote the professional interests of the membership, in the fall of the year at such time and place as shall be selected by the conference at the confirmation of the Council. In conjunction with this annual meeting, there shall be a meeting of the Council and a business meeting of the general membership. Additional meetings of the Council may be called by the President’s discretion.

Article VIII. Elections and Terms of Office.

Sec. 1. Executive Officers (with the exception of the Editor of Humanitas) shall be elected by a majority vote of Conference members present and voting at the annual business meeting. The terms of office shall be:

  • President one year
  • Vice-Presidents one year
  • Secretary, Treasurer three years (treasurer from 2004; secretary from 2005)
  • Editor of Humanitas five years from 2005
  • Web editor Five years from 2004

Sec. 2. A slate of nominees shall be presented by the Nominations committee. Additional nominations may also be made from the floor provided that the nominee has consented to serve if elected.

Sec. 3. Six members are to be appointed to the Council each year by the President, for terms of three years. In addition, the President shall fill any vacancy on the Council by appointing a replacement for the balance of any unexpired term.

Sec. 4. The Editor of Humanitas shall be appointed by the President following consultation with the other members of the Executive and with the approval of the council. The Editor shall be appointed for one year and may be re-appointed for additional terms. The Editor may appoint his/her own assistant and may elect to share the duties and responsibilities of his office with his/her colleague.

Article IX. Committees

Sec. 1. OFLA. The Ohio Classical Conference shall be represented at the OFLA Executive Board meetings by an OCC member appointed by the OCC President; the OCC representative shall report to the OCC Council on the activities of OFLA.

Sec. 2. Scholarships. A Scholarship Committee, consisting of a chairperson and two other members, shall be appointed by the President. This committee shall establish criteria for awarding scholarships, shall prepare the application forms to be distributed by the Chairperson of the Committee and shall select the recipients. A report of its activity and selections shall be presented to the Council.

Sec. 3. Hildeshelm Vase. This Committee, consisting of a chairperson and 4 other members appointed by the President, shall establish criteria for awarding the Hildsheim Vase, shall prepare publicity for distribution by the Secretary, and shall select from among schools nominated the recipient of the award. A report of its activity and selection shall be made to the Council. Membership on the Committee shall be constituted as follows: (1) Chairperson – College or University Faculty person (2) The winner of the award in the previous year (3) Any OCC member who teaches at the precollege level (4) Two university/college faculty. [Composition of the Committee = (a) Three university/college (b) Two pre-college faculty. The Chair of the Hildesheim Vase Committee and the Chair of the Commendation Committee (see Sec. 4) may be the same. [See Appendix A for criteria.]

Sec. 4. Commendation for the Teaching of Latin in the Elementary and Middle Schools. This Committee shall consist of three members: the previous year’s recipient, one who teaches at the high school level, and another who teaches at the college level. The Chair of the Commendation Committee and the Chair of the Hildesheim Vase Committee (see Sec. 3) may be the same. [See Appendix B]

Sec. 5. Latin Week. This committee, consisting of a chairperson (i.e. the First Vice-President) and five other members appointed by the President, shall set up plans for celebrating Latin Week, shall prepare the appropriate publicity for distribution by the Secretary and Editor of Humanitas and shall provide encouragement and support for a widespread observance of Latin Week throughout the state. It may conduct contests and select winners from entries submitted to it. A report of its activity shall be presented to the Council.

Sec. 6. Finances. The Finance Committee, consisting of the Treasurer as chairperson, the President, and three other members appointed by the President shall review annually the financial status of the Conference, and make recommendations concerning the investment of Conference funds and other financial matters.

Sec. 7. A Local Committee. The Local Committee under the direction of a chairperson appointed by the President, shall make local arrangements such as housing, meeting places, equipment, and entertainment for the annual meeting. The Chair of this Committee shall work closely with the Secretary and Treasurer in the planning of the annual meeting.

Sec. 8. Nominations. The President, immediately upon assuming office, shall appoint a chairperson and two other members who shall be charged with preparing a slate of nominees for election at the subsequent annual meeting.

Sec. 9. American Classical League. A committee of one, appointed by the President, shall represent the Ohio Classical Conference on the Council of the American Classical League at its regular meetings, and shall report in person or in writing to the council of the Conference. The OCC shall pay the ACL conference registration fee for the OCC representative.

Sec. 10 College Award Committee. The committee, consisting of Second vice president, a college representative, and one secondary school representative, will solicit and review applications for this award.

Sec. 11 Membership Committee. The membership committee will discuss and implement membership issues and plans to solicit and maintain membership in the OCC. The committee will be chaired initially by the first vice president, subsequently by the second vice president. The Chair will select committee members including the secretary and treasurer.

Sec. 12. Other committees may be appointed by the President as the need arises.

Sec. 13. The terms of the members of all Committees are concurrent with the term of the President. All Committee members serve at the pleasure of the President.

Article X. Amendments

This document may be amended by the Conference at any regular business meeting by a two-thirds vote of the members present and voting provided that the amendment shall have been distributed in writing to all the members before the opening date of the annual meeting of the Conference. Such amendments shall go into effect immediately.

Article XI. Adoption of Constitution.

This constitution shall become effective immediately upon ratification by members voting for its adoption at a formal business meeting of the Conference. Its adoption shall nullify any previous constitution of the Conference.


  1. Annual membership dues of the Ohio Classical Conference shall be $25.00
  2. Joint Annual Membership dues shall be $40.00 per annum.
  3. Student memberships shall be $5.00
  4. Anyone teaching Classics at the pre-college level in Ohio (i.e. elementary, middle or secondary level) and who is a member of the OCC, is eligible to apply for the OCC Summer Scholarship for Summer Study.
  5. In order to be considered for or apply for any of the awards (Hildesheim Vase Award, Commendation Award, the Student Scholarship, the Summer Study Award) given by the OCC, the teacher must have been a member of the Ohio Classical Conference for three years prior to application. (The teacher can thus apply for the award in the fourth year of membership). This requirement will take effect beginning in 1989 for the awarding of the 1989 awards.